The Works - Spruce up your car with this off-line treatment by one of our detailing specialists. Your car will receive the Ultimate Full Service Wash, then we will apply vinyl or leather protectant to your dash, door panels and console. Extra attention will be spent on your car’s particular needs such as crevice vacuuming, light cleaning, and spot stain removal. Please allow 20 minutes for service. No appointment necessary.

Cars $34.95  SUVs $39.95

Mat Shampoo - Carpet mats shampooed and vacuum extracted. Good for deep cleaning of those hard working floor mats. No appointment necessary.

Front mats $5.95  Front and rear mats $9.95

Hand Wax - Good protectant for your car’s paint on newer vehicles. A first grade wax will be applied to your vehicles painted surfaces. Tire/Rubber protectant applied. Please allow 45-60 minutes for hand waxing. Appointments recommended but not always necessary.

Cars $60       SUVs $70       Large SUVs $80

Exterior Detail - We will hand polish your car’s paint to achieve a superior shine and to remove stains and oxidation. Followed by a hand wax for great protection. We will detail wheels, brighten chrome, and apply tire/rubber dressing to exterior. Please allow 4 hours for service. Appointment needed, please call or stop in.

Cars $90       SUVs $95       Large SUVs $105

Interior Detail - We will thoroughly clean your car’s carpets, seats, dashboard, door panels, and center console. Protectant will be applied to vinyl and leather surfaces. We will vacuum the trunk. The headliner is excluded except for spot cleaning if possible. Please allow 4 hours for service. Appointment needed.

Cars $90       SUVs $95       Large SUVs $105

Full Detail - We perform the Exterior and Interior Detailing Services. There is no cleaning in the engine compartment. Please allow 6-8 hours for service. Appointment is needed.

Cars $170     SUVs $180    Large SUVs $200