About Us

We, at Magic Car Wash, are  a locally-owned family business that has enjoyed washing cars for nearly 30 years. 

We have two locations for your convenience. 3221 Naamans Road and 4917 Kirkwood Hwy, both in Wilmington, DE

We designed these facilities with the whole family in mind, especially the kids. Everyone knows that the grownups love to watch their cars getting washed, but that’s just the beginning. At Magic Car Wash, the kids get in the act at the three interactive play areas specifically designed just for them. They can sit in the model Corvette and spray the cars as they go past, pressing buttons that squirt water, turn on lights, and ring bells. Then they can use the hand sprayers to shoot jets of water at the cars. Finally, a crawl tube takes them into the tunnel and then they slide back down into the lobby. Kids love it! 

(Hint for dads: Moms love it when you get the kids out of the house... and she gets a clean car...)

We thank all of our customers for the many years of  supporting our  businesses and families. So, to give back to the communities, we are proud to announce a unique fundraising opportunity. Charitable organizations can sign up for a Virtual Car Wash Fundraiser by visiting our fundraiser page (temporarily under construction). With the Virtual Car Wash Fundraiser your charity can earn 50% of the sale of gift cards sold through your website, email list, facebook, twitter, and other social media. We will simply authorize a coupon code,that when used at the online checkout, we will credit your organization with 50%, and the contributor receives full value and a clean car. Check out the fundraiser page for details.

Thank you for your patronage from everyone at Magic Car Wash.